Desperately Seeking Susan, er I Mean Motivation.

Motivation is desperately lacking, The only race I’ve done since CX season ended was done inside a bar lasting less than a minute, Coldsprints (a Minneapolis take on Goldsprints), the first lasted 20 seconds and the second was a bit longer, 30 seconds.  I discovered I can’t spin at all, give me a bike with two wheels, gears and some barriers to jump over and I’ll do fine.

Coldsprints at Harlings

Coldsprints at Harlings

Every weekend I want to race it has snowed or I was out of town.  It barely snowed during cross season and now that road season has rolled around it seems to snow every weekend.  Not that I would do well, I haven’t trained enough to even think I might finish the race let alone do well.  Unlike ‘cross, I’m never sure when the race will end, it’s nice knowing your race will only last 45 minutes and you can return to your lawn chair near the beer cooler.

If you happen to see me getting lapped or bringing up the back of the pack you’ll know why (laziness).  Maybe you’ll see me at either the Spring Fling crit series this Saturday or the Joseph Shehann 50 mile race on Sunday in Leavenworth.

When does ‘cross season start again?

Oh yeah, I saw 3 kick ass pro cyclocross racers while crossing the Golden Gate Bridge a few weeks ago, Rachael Lloyd and the Jacque-Maynes’s (they were all wearing the blue and red Cal Giant jackets, hard to miss).  They blew by me  like they were taking the hole shot, before I realized who it was I couldn’t get my camera out in time to get a good shot or say something stupid.  I’m sure they would have laughed at me, I was riding the most rediculus bike I’ve ever ridden, a Giant Sedona, imagine a bar stool with pedals and handlebars.  However, it’s better than nothing I suppose.  I planned on renting a road bike but the last one was taken by the person right in front of me (procrastination strikes again, if I hadn’t dicked around at the Chrome store down the street… oh well).

The bike must have weighed at least 600 lbs yet I still rode it up some of the steepest streets San Francisco has to offer.  I climbed Telegraph Hill and got to the top of the Marin Headlands on that beast as well.  I don’t care how much it costs, next time I’m bringing my bike.


At least nobody I know saw me ride this thing.

At least nobody I know saw me ride this.


5 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Susan, er I Mean Motivation.

  1. i saw you riding it!

    at least you got out to the headlands – and over the bridge. and through the city. and with some decent weather!

  2. What’s wrong with a Giant Sedona? I just bought one today and LOVE IT. Comfy and durable bike!


  3. There is nothing wrong with that Giant, it’s just a bike I’d never choose if given the opportunity. I prefer a road or cyclocross bike. That said, I rode the crap out of that bike, and yes it was quite comfortable.
    Enjoy your new bike!!

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