It’s official, it’s cyclocross season.  I don’t know about most of you but I’ve been thinking of  this day since I rolled across the finish line on January 6th.

Things have changed since last season, I have a new bike (Jamis Nova Pro), and it fits me unlike the bike I’d been racing on the last two seasons, it fit in theory, but you don’t race on theory.  It’s much smaller 52 vs. 56, it’s much lighter, it has much nicer components, and most importantly it’s much more sexy!


Proper off-season training still escapes me, I should get some proper training, but I’m not currently flush with cash, a luxury I can live without.  Clinics and practice with friends will have to do. At least I know they aren’t doing much more than I am, so I know there will be a few others who have the same fitness level as myself.


Black Sheep Cartel (KCMO) and the two jack-asses who ruined our team photo. photo by Vanessa

The Cartel family has grown too, two more sheep in the Kansas City flock, Brian Chasm formerly of Team Frank Stallone, and Mike Prentice.  Mike’s job seems to make Brian and I look slow.  He is fast and usually does well, this addition may have been a mistake (just joking Mike).

The Kansas City Cup kicks off the season in the heart of Kansas City, Swope Park, not far from the zoo, a new venue for cyclocross in the KC area.  Frankly I wish more races were held in the city, driving all over the region gets old every weekend.  A very interesting venue, no doubt.  Parts look like they could have filmed horror movies there, lots of older looking camping cabins and assorted buildings.  Good thing we were there in the daylight, other wise things could have gotten creepy.  The name even sounds like it belongs in a horror movie, Camp Lake of the Woods.  

The course itself was long and fast, with slightly more single / double track sections than normal, lots more, very little grass sections and a long asphalt straightway, lots of room to gain some serious speed.  A course that a mountain biker would love, Brian and Mike did well, I didn’t.  I’m not what you would call a strong technical rider, in fact I’m very uneasy in the off road sections, on the breaks way too much.  Chasm finally bested me, the string has been broken.  Now if the race officials could pull their heads out and have us listed as Black Sheep Cartel, like it says on our licenses and not Team Colivita / Parassi Coffee, a fine team but not the team I have ridden for 3 seasons.

Other notable happenings, there was a bounce house, Mom and Dad showed up with cow bells and lime flavored beer, and Marcus and Anna made a surprise appearance thought they were in New York.  It was a great day for all, except Zeke and his first lap flat tire.

One race down, 17 or so more to go, see you next week in Lenexa.




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