Bloggin’ Ain’t Easy.

There are lots of incoherent thoughts floating around my brain but none seem all that interesting or original.  Possible unoriginal topics include the following; a blow by blow rehash of the race, reasons why ‘cross is so hard, why I suck so bad, did I fall again and bleed all over myself (I didn’t), did I get lapped and or beat by a junior (not this time), why is Mike so much better than Brian and I, you know stuff like that.

I’m quite amazed when I check the stats for this blog and find that a good number of people actually read what I have to say.  For that reason I keep writing, and please keep reading, whoever you are.

I knew things were not going my way soon after I registered and was using the urinal, my keys somehow fell from the pocket of my hoodie and landed right in the middle of the unflushed mix of my liquid waste and urinal water.  It seems funny that urination and cyclocross seem to join together and put me in unfortunate situations.  You may recall my run-in with soon to be women’s cyclocross badass Katie Compton who walked in on me in mid-pee due to a faulty lock on the Port-a-john door at the 2008 KCCX national championships minutes before her call up for the women’s championship race.  However I didn’t have to fish my keys out of a bowl of my own urine when I “met” Katie last December.

Chris Cross is the fourth race of the season, some have done well, some haven’t. Like I mentioned above, I haven’t done all that well.  That said Mike the newest member of the Cartel has done quite well, making Brian and I look that much worse.  He raced quite well leading the men’s 4 race until an unfortunate incident at a set of barriers.  Maybe next week.

Barriers: where good races go bad.

Barriers: where good races go bad.

The course was long, lots of climbing, and unseasonably cold.  All of which are reasons I site for my poor performance.  However, I look really good in photos I find online after races, so I’ve got that going for me. One bright spot was Zeke and his beer hand-ups during the masters B race.  Nothing keeps you going when you want nothing more than to quit as the knowlege that someone has a beer waiting for you the next time you see them. The sight of the outstretched arm with a beer is a sight for sore eyes (everything else is sore, and I wouldn’t doubt if my eyes were sore too, I don’t recall) The exchange was a bit dicey, most of the brew (Boulevard Pale Ale, a personal favorite btw) ended up on my leg and bike but there was still enough to make it worth while.

Beer hand-up's, it's where it's at.

Beer hand-ups, it's where it's at. (photo by Laura Keithly)

I have since learned that Paul (pictured above in the blue kit) refused Zeke’s frothy hand out.  Personally I’m saddened to hear of this, I thought better of him and hope it was a mistake.  Boulevard Cup is next Sunday and I hear talk of the course going through the beer tent, oh please god make that happen!!  Beer hand ups will be a plenty, just as they should be.

And you didn’t think I’d forget to make the obvious Kris Kross reference. So go put your skinsuit and helmet on backwards and jump around.

Your welcome.

You might want to think twice before asking me if you ever want to borrow my car, those keys have been in my pee.



2 thoughts on “Bloggin’ Ain’t Easy.

  1. I was dissapointed as well, to hear that Paul declined the beer that Zeke so thoughtfully prepared for him. I found out later, from Paul, that his mouth was so foamy from working so hard that he was afraid he would choke on the beer – he was simply being responsible and did not want to waste beer. 🙂

    He did slam a couple at home later that night.

  2. I suppose that means more beer for me. Good thing for Paul he isn’t riding for the Cartel, that would have been grounds for a stern reprimand.

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