Holy Crap, How Did That Happen?

I’ve had a less than stellar ‘cross season so far. I felt I was getting worse instead of getting better, not even a little bit better. I was seriously wondering why the hell I keep doing this to myself, $25 or more flushed down the drain every weekend. I finally came to and understanding with myself, I’m not worrying how well I do, I’m now trying to focus on the fun that I’m having rather than how miserable I feel while racing. Cross is miserable for everyone, gotta’ find the fun in it somewhere.

Boulevard Cup was the final race with the all the negativity floating around in my brain. Last week at Smithville Cyclocross Fest saw a more positive performance, and I did much better than the previous races. It was a fun and fast course, especially the beach section, the fastest line was actually in the water, go figure.


Smithville CX Fest's money tree.

I actually wrote out a blog about it but it was just a woe as me essay and didn’t want to bore everyone with it so I didn’t post it. Nobody wants to read someone bitch and moan about how bad they are. You can thank me later.

I finally had my cx bike fit a few days ago, and it looks as if it was the best thing I’ve done since I started racing ‘cross several years ago. Has it really been 3 seasons? Who would have guessed that moving things a few millimeters up and down would make such a difference. The weather has been lousy the last few days and I didn’t have the chance to ride the bike and see if things got better.

I nearly missed the start of the Masters B race, when my left Egg Beater pedal broke, the spring just snapped while I was warming up. Oh shit!! Luckily Joe lent me the pedal off of his pit bike, we got it on just in time. I would have been screwed without it, lots of climbing and it would have been rough with only one shoe clipped in. That’s the second set of Egg Beaters I’ve broken, I’m that powerful!

The whistle sounded and I found myself near the front of the pack, not that big of a deal, I’ve been good at starts lately, my finishes are a different story. I was sitting in third or fourth for much longer than ever before, easily passing people and keeping them behind me, this never happens. Laps came and went and people I passed earlier were still behind me. Again, this NEVER happens. I ended up making a few bike handling issues and several were able to sneak past, but not as many as usual. I’m hoping the difference was in the bike, it might be a bit psychological too, but I’m not too worried about this. What ever it was it seems to have made a hugh difference. 9th place, not to bad.

As is the case with athletes who tend to be a bit superstitious I’m going to see what I can do to keep this new found ability around. I’ll be back in the 2008 State of California Championship skinsuit, same socks, same shoes (new shoes actually Mavic Razor), same pre-race meal… What ever it takes, look out for the California champ, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The California Champion skinsuit was found on ebay, after spotting one when I was in San Francisco in the spring. Yeah, I know I didn’t earn it, but it was a find that was too cool to pass up, $30 and was like new when I got it. Regardless, it made for a great Halloween race costume, plus a blond wig and a puka shell necklace. (hopefully someone has pictures and will be posted when found) All bets and norms are off when it comes to Halloween costumes. I was glad to see others raced in costumes too; there were roller girls, lots of tatts and fishnets, Clark Kent, several skeletons. I wish there were more, but it was better than nothing. It seems like the lower your classification the higher the odds you would see someone in a costume. I was the only one in the 3/4 race, and there were none in the open races. Lame!



Bringing sexy back!

Speaking of superstions, I haven’t washed my bike or my pink Black Sheep kit since the season started. I’m not sure if this has helped or hurt my chances or if I’m just lazy.


Roller Girls!!

Sexy Roller Girls!!

Speaking of the 3/4 race. I was feeling so good about my first race I felt that a second race was in order. I missed the window for the mens 4 race, so I signed up for the 3/4 race instead. I soon had a feeling that this was a really bad idea. That feeling turned out to be true as soon as the race began. I was in last place in seconds, and would be there for the next 45 minutes. After getting blown away at the start my hopes of anything good quickly disappeared, it became a personal challenge to see how I could do against guys who are much better than I am. I held off getting lapped for about half the race. By then I was hopping to get pulled, but each time I rolled past the officials they kept showing me the number of laps left. I’d yell something, but they kept showing me the lap board. I realized that they weren’t pulling me, despite how slow I was going but short of stopping they were going to make me finish. It was a small field and I wasn’t causing any traffic jams. I was in it for the duration, and I couldn’t bring myself to quit. I was positive I was getting a DFL but somehow finished 16th out of 18. I’m not sure how that happened, and I don’t care. I might revisit the 3/4 category in the future, but it will be some time before that happens, I’m sticking with the Masters B, maybe a Masters A here and there but it’s B races for now.

Post-race meal of champions.

Post-race meal of champions.


* I didn’t make it to Lawrence, I went out with friends, two robots actually Halloween night and didn’t make it home until quite late, even including the extra hour with the time change. Getting up early and driving all the way to Lawrence just didn’t sound like the thing to do this morning, catching up on some well needed sleep seemed to be the wise thing to do. There is plenty of racing to do this season and missing one race isn’t a big deal. The race next Saturday is at night under the lights at a race track, it sounds really fun! Then the Destad Cup continues Sunday and I’m working my way up the points list, so I’ll be there too.


2 thoughts on “Holy Crap, How Did That Happen?

  1. Nice post man. I want the link to the Roller Girl photo…. meow!

    Congrats on the new found success. Doing my first CX race in almost 5 years next weekend. Planning on doing it on my fixie CX. OUCH on so many levels. I’ll wish you luck if you wish me same.

    Oh… how the hell is cross season already over there? Bizarre!

  2. Oh it’s not over, we are about a third through the season. Lots of time to get things back on track and get back into the points competition.

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