The Brain Fog

I don’t know about you but I find myself in mental fog after most races, and this happens even before I start drinking my malted barley recovery beverages.  Not to be confused with Purple Haze, brain freeze, or Errol Morris’s The Fog of War, I’m talking about the temporary mental impairment I find myself in after every race.  Things are a bit fuzzy, it’s difficult to concentrate, throw in a bit of tunnel vision to boot, and don’t even try to have a deep meaning conversation.  Listening to people talk almost sound like the trombone whaa whaa whaa from the old Peanuts cartoons.  I like to find a nice spot and watch the colors go by while drinking a few cold beverages trying to figure out what I did with my car keys, trying to remember where the car is and finding the nearest Chiptole.IMG_0913

Grand Prix HPT – sat

Nothing is more exciting than racing under the lights and in a ⅜ mile clay oval at Heartland Park Topeka. Sure the long ass drive to Topeka sucks, but it was worth it.  I believe this was the first time I have ever had a reason to be in Topeka, I’ve driven through before, If your going to Colorado it’s difficult not to drive through it.  Anyway, the race was a blast, it takes a while to get comfortable on the track.  The cars create these little bb sized pellets, “marbles” that can be difficult to navigate before the lines get formed, especially difficult when cornering with any speed.  The feeling of coming in the track at the far end  and tearing down the front straight was incredible.


Well lit in some areas, not so much in others.

The lighting inside the oval proved to be problematic, at least to me.  Having multiple light sources create multiple sets of shadows.  I kept thinking I had someone on my wheel only to find that it was only one of my many shadows.  The extra flood lights they added to the remander of the course didn’t quite cover everything, there were a few spots where you had to hold on tight and hope for the best.

Veterans ‘Cross – sun

It seems that this weekend was sponsored by the Kansas Turnpike, Saturday night in Topeka, and then turn around and drive to Leavenworth for Veterans ‘Cross Sunday morning.  In all, a total of 275 miles were driven in the name of cyclocross over the weekend.

The weather could not have been nicer, 70 degrees in November, can’t say no to that.  I’m still holding out for a good wet, sloppy race, maybe this weekend.  The races at the University of St Mary are always tough, there are always lots of climbing and the grass seems to be as thick as green shag carpeting.  You can just feel the energy getting sucked out of your legs.


Nate making it look easy.

I had thought that this season was a lost cause, I was not pleased with my first several races, but I’ve seemed to have turned things around.  Thanks to pre-registration I was able to get a front row call up and was able to get a great start up the bumpy ass brick road and found myself sitting in fourth place for quite some time, it’s really interesting to see a race with only three people in front of you rather that everyone but three in front of you.  I have to say I quite like the change, however I manage to usually go and do something dumb and it all goes for naught. This time I took a turn to wide and got caught up in the tape and the stake holding the tape got wedged in my fork.  Frantically trying to extricate myself I saw my great start slowly circling around getting flushed down the toilet.  I managed to get a few spots back, but could never get back up with the leaders.  One of these days I’ll put together a complete race with doing something stupid.


SRAM fans.



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