Some Random Thoughts About Jingle Cross

So here goes, my thoughts on three days in Iowa.

Jingle Cross Rocks

Climbing Mt Krumpet with a tandem.

  • Tandem bike with girls in bikini’s!
  • Seeing people race and not caring how well they did.
  • Racing bikes down hotel hallways, Friday Night 3rd Floor World Championships.
  • Stopping up hotel room showers with mud when you try to wash you, your kit, shoes and a bike, well not the bike it wouldn’t fit. (I feel so sorry for the housekeeping staff, we really trashed those rooms and hallways, dirt and mud everywhere.)
  • Realizing you entered a race way beyond your skill level seconds after the start.
  • Having to stop to remove mud from your bike because the wheels will no longer spin.
  • Over 1000 entries, huge fields.
  • Deliberately flaunting USA cycling and UCI rules and regulations about hand-ups and glass bottles.
  • Watching the KCCX / Verge kids school riders twice their age in the elite race.
  • Finding good Mexican food just down the street from the race venue.
  • Starting a race with an 18 lb. bike and finishing with a 30 lb. bike.

Too much mud!

  • Watching the pros make the hardest thing you have ever done look alarmingly easy.
  • ‘Cross team kits are the best looking kits in cycling.
  • Costumes.
  • Finishing a race soaked in a disgusting mix of beer, cheese, and mud.
  • Getting a standing ovation after eating it in the mud while descending Mt Krumpet.
  • Driving five hours to race for 45 minutes.
  • Christmas themed race, hell yeah!
  • It’s not so much the mud that gums up the works it’s the grass that binds the mud together.
  • Cyclocross people are the best people in cycling!
  • Sandbaggers exist everywhere.
  • Finding mud on you even after taking a shower, how the mud got in my ears I’ll never know.
  • They change the course every day, you’ll never race the same race twice.
  • Watching KU loose to Mizzou in a room full of KU fans, priceless.
  • Getting a bit of recognition by the course announcer.  “…There goes 113, Christopher Thomas of Black Sheep Cartel, racing out of Kansas City…”
  • Mud, oh god, the mud.  Thick, deep, wet, slick…

Hand-ups come in all shapes and sizes.

  • F*#@ing awesome, it’s a must if you like cyclocross.  DO IT!!
  • Iowa and Missouri are really bleak this time of year.
  • Marriott actually has a catalog in each room selling the same mattress, bedding, and shower accessories.  Just incase you want your home to look like a hotel room.
  • Always hoping that the officials will screw up and place you higher in the results, aka “pulling a Chasm” getting placed 5th after getting lapped twice.
  • Race above your level so you can experience the full experience of Mt Krumpet.  The mens and women’s 4 don’t make full use of the entire course.


  • People dig the pink kit!
  • I wish I had a pit bike, dealing with the mud is crazy.
  • It’s faster to go to a car wash in town rather than wait in line to wash your bike at the venue.




4 thoughts on “Some Random Thoughts About Jingle Cross

  1. Are you #$&#ing kidding me!!! Chicks in swim wear???!! ON CROSS BIKES!! I’m going to this sucker next year. Dang! I’m way bummed I missed out. CRAP CRAP CRAP.

  2. “Watching the KCCX / Verge kids school riders twice their age in the elite race.”
    Rumor has it that KCCX isn’t an offically licenced UCI team.
    Those poor kids probably have no idea.

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