Cartel Cover Boy

Damn the luck, the one time a member of the elite Cartel CX team makes the cover of  a newspaper he isn’t wearing his official team issued kit.  Instead of the pink and black of team Black Sheep Cartel he’s in a turtle necked red and black candy cane striped sweater, sliver tights and sleigh bells attached to his saddle as well.  Oh well, he’ll probably never learn.

Finish last and get your picture in the paper, hell yeah!!

As he hits the final stretch of his race, Chris Thomas, Kansas City, MO pedals through the snow on New Years Eve during Cross off the Old Year Race at Stump Park in Shawnee.

The Johnson County Sun, Jan 13 2010. Front Page. Photo Ben McCall


One thought on “Cartel Cover Boy

  1. we’ve both made the sun front cover on cyclocross bikes. neither one of us had our BSC jerseys on. represent…

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