Early Season Re-cap

The new ‘cross season has brought about many changes for our little team, the new kits are being sewn together right now, we have added a few new teammates but as things change some still stay the same namely, I’m not very fast.

As usual, my training regiment leaves much to be desired, I tend to race my way into shape.  As is the case I always end the season doing well, so I have all sorts of happy thoughts to tide me through the off season thinking of the glory that will come my way in the upcoming season.  The world then comes crashing down around me when the new season starts and I’m getting lapped like I’m riding the wrong way.

KC Cup Cx Masters A. Looking good at the start, too bad I never saw the finish.

Truth be told I didn’t even finish the first race (Kansas City Cup), call it a mechanical, more accurately it was a bio-mechanical, neck issues.  It was the first time in four years that I have quit a race, it killed me to quit, but there was no way I could have finished.

During pre race instructions we were told that if we were heard cussing we wold be disqualified, that’s fucking insane.  I can’t think of any race I have ever been in where I didn’t drop a few f bombs myself or over hear someone else using some salty language.  I understand it’s probably falls under the net of poor sportsmanship, but getting d.q.’ed is nuts!

The second race was a nightmare of a different variety (Manion’s CX), the whole thing was uphill.  I know that is impossible, but it sure as shit felt like it.  Any decent was broken up with twists and turns, plus a strong wind kept you working in places you normally would have had a chance to recover.  However free tacos and beer, so that made me a bit happier.  I never bothered to check my results, it would probably make me sad again.

Race 3 and 4 were looking better, flat and grassy courses.  While I didn’t do all that well, I did much better in fact I had the exact same results both Saturday and Sunday.  At least I’m consistent.

Our newest teammates did well, well that is they both stuck with it and finished, their results were not stellar, but who cares.  ‘Cross is a battle within yourself, you have to be tough, mentally tough more so than physically so.  This is more true for beginners than anyone else, the temptation to quit is overwhelming, but if you can find a way to keep going for 45 minutes you got it in the bag.  Plus it’s great to see a few more teammates out there rocking the pink.

Jeffro killing it through the barriers at Manion's CX.



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