Jingle Cross 2010

What can be said about Jingle Cross Rocks that haven’t been said before, even by me last year. It may well be the finest Dr Seuss / Christmas themed cyclocross race series ever, true it may well be the only Dr Seuss  themed cyclocross race. It’s got everything, the Who-ville Whrill, the Grinches Lair and don’t forget about Mt. Krumpet, a beast of a hill, rising more than 200 vertical feet over the course of a 1,000-foot doubletrack climb.

Climbing Mt Krumpit, steep!

Many will ask why one would be willing to spend a long holiday weekend in Iowa, when there are so many other places you could go the last weekend in November, that list is quite long.  However, the only reason to drive five hours to eastern Iowa that I can think of is for Jingle Cross.  If you haven’t been there to view the insanity with ones own eyes you will never understand, if you have, well then you know what the attraction is.  It’s f@%&#g fun!!

Exiting the Grinches Lair.

You know you’ve had a bad race when you find tire tracks across the back of your kit, and grass and mud stains on the tops of your shoulders.  The first happend when I ate it at the barriers, shoe didn’t come free of the pedal causing a fall with a good part of the 71 person field was still behind you.  I remember feeling getting ran over, luckily it didn’t hurt.   The grass and mud stains on your shoulders come from doing an indo on a steep downhill section.  Too much front break and over the bars you go.  Unlike getting run over and not feeling pain the endo is another story, landing on your face and shoulders hurts like a bitch.  I don’t recommend it.

Did anyone get the licence plate number of the guy who just ran me over?

Aside from the carnage of the race I had a much better set of races than I had the year before.  I would go as far as to say I had some of my best races at Jingle Cross. I guess racing a big time race really does bring the best out of you.

I had a horrible race yesterday at a local race.  I’m blaming that performance on my races the weekend before, 4 races in a few days really took it out of me, and bouncing your head off the ground didn’t help either, I had a headache almost the whole week.  To top it off, I locked my keys in the car again, this time it was at the QT when I was putting some air in my car’s tires.  It’s the second race this season where I locked my keys in the car.

Random thoughts:

  • Much less hand ups, last year they were everywhere, this year I only saw them during the UCI races.
  • Much drier than last year, thank god!
  • Much colder than last year.
  • Sandbagging is out of control.  R5‘s head would explode.
  • Fly-overs are the bomb!
  • Is it just me or does it look like Ryan Trebon needs a bigger bike, that’s a mile of seat post showing.
  • Watching the elite race is amazing and humbling, they do stuff most people could only imagine and make it look easy, f@#*^s.
  • Black Sheep Cartel have the best kits ever.  Team Pegasus is pretty cool though, also pink.
  • I really want my bike repainted, pink with metallic flecks.
  • Last road trip in my Stratus
  • Hearing one to go, one to go, one to go, one to go, one to go, one to go, over and over gets a bit tedious after 3 days.
  • Iowa in late November can be pretty bleak.
  • Couldn’t figure out why there was so much traffic on the highways, oh yeah, Thanksgiving. Duh!
  • If you haven’t done it, you really should!
  • 2 words, bikini girls!!

    Ho ho ho.


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