Shit Happens

Crashing off the year at 'Cross off the Year race, NYE 2010.

Some days things just don’t go your way.  It’s not the best way to start a race, but I finished the race, and the new helmet works and it looks pretty good too.  Click here for a larger image.

I should have checked the results at the race, I got screwed, they have the guy in the baggy shorts and t-shirt and someone else finishing before me, I know that I beat both of them, there were not that many in our race and I was counting them off as I made my way back into the race after the disaster at the beginning.   Oh well, I’ll make sure to beat them the next time we race.  I make it a point to beat guys in baggy shorts, flat pedals, and on mountain bikes.

There goes the hole shot.

Ok, here is what I think happened.  The other guy drifted into me, we rub shoulders, pull apart, rub again and then we go down.  It was either our handlebars getting hooked up or our tires tires touched, because the next thing I know is I’m upside down on the ground hoping that Dr Joel and Adam Mills don’t run me over.

Not all things were found floundering on its back trying not to get ran over, the Cartels newest member Cory Redmond from St Louis was in KC for the day racing in her new colors.  She did well, it was a tough and windy course.

And Angie took 3rd in the Women’s 4, only her 4th cx race.  Woo hoo!

Cory rocking the pink!

(photos from Roger Harrison)


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