Missing Bubba

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Bubba Cross…

Like a long lost friend, I miss you.

I cannot believe that November is upon us and I have yet to race a Bubba race this 2011 psychocross season.


Tis not that you are not fantastic or awesome; tis just that things come up and plans change.

This year saw me (surprisingly enough) making the difficult decision to forgo a few Bubba CX races for the opportunity to race a few races at UCI venues.

I started with the USGP in Madison and it was without a doubt the most fun I have had on a bike in a wicked long time.

It was a muddy mess of hell and harmony that made my heart sing, and my bike hum.

You know you have had a spectacular day on the cx bike when you advance through fifty percent of the field in torrential downpour and laugh as you quite literally pull gobs of mud from your ass crack and coin slot.

Good, filthy, yet wholesome fun!

That was USGP Madison.  If you haven’t done it, you may as well open Google Calendar and type it in now.

This past weekend, we traveled to race the Cincy3CX race in Sunset Park (ehhh) and Harbin Park (SAWEEET!).

What a friggin’ blast!

I won’t talk about Saturday because it was 38 degrees, there was frost, and mud, and frosty mud…and that does something to a person.

(And if you know me, you know exactly what that did.  A cube of sangria followed soon after, as it was happy hour somewhere….like Europe.  AMIRIGHT?!?!)

We raced the Masters Women 35+ and while I came in 12th of 25, I was ahead of the chick who got 3rd in her race, if that gives you any idea what Miss Suze (who bet my ass with 7th) and I were up against in our field.

Holy shitcakes; not a slow race.  All power and one 20 secondish technical spot had Suze crying out, “Merry Christmas to ME!” as soon as we parked the velowagon.

I wanted to slap her.

(No, not really.)

Harbin Park was all hills, mud, and off-camber.  What a painful heap of hell and joy!

I almost puked as I crossed the Finish, which is certainly the sign of a good race!

Ohmygosh this race hurt so good!

I just found out that I got 15th (instead of the 23rd previously thought) and I am excited/orgasmic by that.

Sure, not a win, but considering my caloric intake, lack of non-sangria hydration, and the fact that I almost went shopping at IKEA instead of putting on my skinsuit which was still damp from being washed in the hotel sink the night before, I am pretty effing ecstatic.

Plus I went to IKEA and bought a wok for $5 and that pleases me.

Now, I am back home in St. Louis and looking the race schedule and realizing that there are only two (2) Bubba races that I am able to attend…and they are both this weekend and one of those is only a maybe.

I really want to do the “maybe” race because that course suits me, but will likely do the other course because it doesn’t suit me and I need  that more than candy-covered cross races right now.

Bubba Cross #7


Concordia Seminary

The Sass’ first 5K with Girls on the Run is that day and I am racing it with her.  I may be able to race if we get done in time as it is down the block.

Bubba Cross #8


Creve Couer Park

If I do not Concordia, then yes; if I do race Concordia, then no.

Bubba Cross #9


Mt. Pleasant Winery

The Sass’ best friend’s birthday party is that day, so that takes priority.

Bubba Cross #10


Jefferson Barracks

Will be racing Jingle ‘Cross Rock in Iowa City.  Not one bit remorseful and plenty thankful.

Bubba Cross #11


Spanish Lake Park

Nope; out of town and no cx out of town. Will be sad.

I love me some Bubba, but this year is just different with The Sass being older and into her own thing.  It has become more important to nurture her and her growth than for me to play in the mud.  Obviously, I have still found time to play, but that has grown to be balls-to-the-wall type play, crammed into short double-header and triple-header trips instead of filling Sass’ weekends with Mommy’s racing.

Jingle Cross Rock

11/25, 11/26, 11/27

Iowa City

Jingle ‘Cross Rock

UCI venue; The Green Monster is HERE!

MO State CX Championships Weekend

12/3, 12/4


Fun people; no Bubba conflict.

Chicago Cyclocross Cup New Year’s Resolution

12/31 and 1/1


Closing out 2011 and opening 2012 in UCI fashion. Wicked exciting!

To my Bubbalicious friends, I hope to see you this weekend.  I miss you guys a lot, but feel confident you’d do the same as me if you were a non-pro, weekend warrior like me with an aspiring triathlete at home who is finally the only kid tugging at mom and dad and while her sibs are off doing college stuff.




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