The Cartel at CX Nationals

Verona, WI

What team races the elite women’s race at CX Nationals?

That’s right, ELITE! The Black Sheep Cartel does, that’s who.

The Cartel is no stranger to racing at CX Nats, but never the elite race. Well that all changes tomorrow, Cory F’ing Redmond is racing the elite women’s race Sunday.

Fuck yeah, tear it up girl, rock the pink!


2 thoughts on “The Cartel at CX Nationals

  1. Our sponsors will get their money’s worth of time as I will be going slow enough to show each one. That said, CX is CX and I am just happy to get one more chance to play in the mud this season after battling walking pneumonia for 8 weeks. The course is 100% mud with lots of muddy climbs. I will be drooling on myself by the end. Ready the booze!

  2. You deserve one more race. All that late-season sickness would have killed a lesser racer. I still can’t figure out what that was you coughed up at Mo state cx. (It looked like a mucus covered yellow golf ball.)
    Now go kick ass and get you drink on, you deserve it!

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