Where’d All The Trees Go?

There’s been too much great weather this winter and downright balmy weather lately that it’s becoming exceedingly difficult to find reasonable excuses not to go out and ride. That said I still have come up with a few only to regret not riding later that day.

I revisited Secret CX last week to find that it’s rightful owners have gone mad with chain-saws and a back-hoe have totally ruined large parts of my practice cx course, not cool. Granted, the course hasn’t changed all that much, but the trees and assorted underbrush gave the course a bit of character and helped define my favorite sections are history. The marsh area has been worked on but it’s still nice a squishy even when everything else is dry as a bone, but the trees and cat-tails are gone too. The willow trees near the creek that would slap your face as you ride under while avoiding taking a dip in the creek are gone as well. The back corner is littered with everything that once was, in a neet little pile like they are storing cord wood for the winter.

Please, a moment of science for the newly departed cx course vegetation.

Thank you.

But on the bright side the marsh is still marshy, the steep run ups haven’t changed any and the gravel and dirt/ mud sections still there unchanged. Let’s just hope they stay that way (fingered ‘crossed).

I need to re-plot the course anyway, doing the same lap over and over were getting old anyway. Well, I’m off to re-design, it needs it.

2012 is gonna be the year for the Cartel!!


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