An Exciting Future For The Cartel

Let it be said the Black Sheep Cartel never leaves well enough alone. Everyone’s favorite pink clad cycling team has some new and exciting ventures up it’s pink sleeve. In the mean time stay up to date by make sure to follow the new @CartelBS on the Twitters, pin things on Pinterest and tumble at Tumblr.

Don’t forget about @BlackSheepCX, BSC on Facebook and Cyclocross Magazine. Social media? Yeah, we’ve got that covered, sorry no Friendster or Linkedin. We are always looking for ways to spread the word of the herd and expand the brand.

New kits are being designed too, there are some crazy ideas floatin’ around in our noodles, who knows what we will come up with. Don’t fret, it will be pink and you will look awesome in whatever we come up with. Please send us ideas, we would love to hear them.

Your probably thinking, jeezus isn’t that a bit vague, and I would say yes, you are right it’s very vague, and enough with the questions already. Stay tuned, details to come.


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