Meet The Sheep


@BlackSheepCX @CartelBS

Who we are.

  • Pip Cullipher – Charlotte team captain, team Mum and all around bad ass. @PipGregson
  • Chris Thomas – KC team captain & the guy that spreads the word of the herd. @Chris_Go
  • Brian Chasm @OHeyItsChasm
  • Vanessa Chasm @BeerChasm
  • Kerri Hilton @RunKerrieRun
  • John Howard
  • Bryce Lausch
  • Joel Maisenhelder @CxNut
  • Chad McCarter
  • Jeff Nichols
  • Jeff Perry @KCJeffro
  • Gina Poertner @GinaSport
  • Cory Redmond @Cory LaBoue
  • Kindler Silver
  • Marcus Skala @MarcusSkala
  • Anna Skala @AnnaSkala
  • Virgilio Villarreal
  • Zeke The One Eyed Sheep – Team Mascot.

Zeek The One Eyed Sheep

What we are.

Long long ago, in a bike shop far far away the Black Sheep Cartel was formed. The team has had several incarnations as it grew, it has been down for the count only to get back up to keep fighting.

A few like-minded cyclists / friends with an internet connection gathered to revive a team on which they could race and enjoy the fun of cycling. Though the team is small in numbers it is large in heart and spirit and not afraid to wear pink and race bikes. Most race ‘cross, but are not afraid to tear up some road, bomb down some rocky single track, or ride the track, yadda yadda yadda…

Plus it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

Black Sheep Cartel is always on the look out for additional riders. If your interested please let us know, preferably in the Charlotte NC and Kansas City MO areas. Must like bikes and pink.