Sooner Than You Think

Ran into a friend mountain biking yesterday and she asked if I was ready for cyclocross season. I was like, sure thing, then I watched these two video’s when I got home and my answer now is now a resounding fuck yeah!



Speaking of fuck yeah, theses socks! They are no Black Sheep Cartel socks, but what are?

Fuck Yeah!

Fuck Yeah!



Grass Track 2012

Some call it a velodrome, some call it grack (grass + track), I call it a hay field in Kansas where people ride in circles on bikes without brakes. Regardless of what you call it, it was the latest installment of the Kansas Track Championships. It’s run just like another track, just without the banked oval.

Anyway, the Cartel walked away with two second place finishes; age group 40-45 1 K time trial and the same age group Scratch race (8K mass start race). It’s too bad Chasm didn’t come, he would have been an official state champion in every race he entered, no one in his age group was there, strange. I on the other-hand do not qualify for jack shit since I live in Missouri. Oh well, no big deal, I’m not big on Kansas anyway.

You get merchandise instead of medal if you’re an out of state resident.


1 Kilo Time Trial


Scratch Race (8K) Second and first place coming out of the second corner.


Finish line. Time Trial


Recovery beverages


Welcome to Kansas!