The Hand Up


The Good Ride is a Good Thing!

Alright kids..who is wanting a sweet ass bike kit. Even better join the team to ride with us in 24HOB. Awesome event in an awesome kit..Plus it has a little Black Sheep Cartel love on the back of the jersey…


Hey Watch This

So, I bought myself a GoPro Hero 3 camera for myself for my birthday a month or so ago and I finally got around to recording video and actually doing something with it rather than dump it on my hard drive only to take up nearly all the free space that was available. It’s no masterpiece and may cause nausea. I’ve learned more of what not to do than anything, so hopefully things will get better in future videos. There will be more, do not worry.
In the mean time, here is the ride several of us went on last Sunday. Somehow we made it back with no flats, cuts that require medical attention or Lyme disease.

Congrats All Around

Good things seem to be happening to everyone in the Cartel, Brian and Vanessa have a new baby, Cory and Jay got married this spring in St Louis and since good things happen in threes Claire and Chris got hitched a week ago. That’s Chris Cullipher, Chris Thomas.
Congrats to everyone and best of luck to all!


Now, lets go race bikes!

Dynamic Motion Therapy

Being awesome at cyclocross isn’t easy, trust me. It’s a long and treacherous season and your sure to get banged up at some point, I know I have. Luckily for the Black Sheep Cartel we have an awesome sponsor and resource to get us back up off the ground back on our bikes to chase down our next victory. I managed to tweak my hip somehow this season and have found much relief with this therapy and others with Gina at Life Balance Sports.

Dynamic Motion Therapy™ is an effective deep tissue technique for breaking down adhesions, scar tissue, and restoring function and movement. DMT™ combines pressure with movement to break up and free fascial adhesions that cause problems with muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. By breaking up adhesions and restoring proper blood flow to the tissues, the muscle’s condition will steadily improve. This allows the athlete to achieve further gains in flexibility, strength, and overall improved performance.

Contact Gina to schedule an appointment.

The Role of DMT™ in the Three Stages of Tissue Healing
The first 24-48 hours of the tissues’ initial healing response is termed the “reactive phase.” During this phase, prostaglandins are produced, causing pain and inflammation as well as activation of the body’s local systemic healing processes. The PRICES method of self-treatment is crucial during the initial stage of the injury to limit the primitive response of inflammation and create a better environment for the body to heal itself.

P = Protect
R = Rest
I = Ice
C = Compress
E = Elevate
S = Stabilize

The second stage of healing is called the “reparative phase” and consists of three reactions. First, the body’s immune system attacks and breaks down the debris at the site of injury. Then, new blood vessels form in the tissues, supplying them with increased oxygen and nutrients. Finally, there is fibroblast proliferation, which involves the replacement of the injured tissue with new muscle fibers. However, these fibers are not aligned properly and contracted scar tissue formation can be expected. During this phase, the athlete frequently experiences pain in the trigger points, which are regions where the scar tissue/adhesions exist. The contracted scar tissue has a decreased blood flow that not only limits oxygen and nutritional uptake, but also slows down removal of noxious chemicals. This is why these trigger points can be tender to the touch. A contracted muscle is not nearly as strong as an elongated muscle; a contracted muscle will limit full rehabilitation potential. Also, a contracted muscle demands more energy than an elongated, relaxed muscle, and this is further impeded by decreased blood flow.

The last phase is “tissue repair” where the goal of treatment is to regain the pre-injury strength and flexibility of the damaged tissue. During phases 2 and 3, treatment focus should be on restoring proper alignment and function of the newly laid down and disorganized muscle fibers. This will create a more favorable environment for healing to occur and will potentially allow the athlete to regain 100% function to the affected region.