Sooner Than You Think

Ran into a friend mountain biking yesterday and she asked if I was ready for cyclocross season. I was like, sure thing, then I watched these two video’s when I got home and my answer now is now a resounding fuck yeah!



Speaking of fuck yeah, theses socks! They are no Black Sheep Cartel socks, but what are?

Fuck Yeah!

Fuck Yeah!



BSC at Jingle Cross Rock 2011

Hey looky there America’s finest cyclocross team is seen off of their bikes heckling America’s finest collection of cyclocross races in the dark at Jingle Cross Rocks America’s finest Dr Seuse themed cyclocross race in Iowa City, IA November, 2011.

Jingle Cross '11 Friday night cyclocross from Keith Walberg on Vimeo.

You will find the heckling at 1:58, just look for the pink jackets. Or if you are either too lazy or don't have the 4:17 to watch the entire thing I've provided a screen grab below.