Diamond Blackfan Cyclocross Challenge Recap

The first race of the season could have come a day earlier. We’ve been salivating like dogs waiting since January to race again. Things went south fast, less than a minute in I somehow break the skewer in my back wheel and I’m forced to resign since I forgot to bring my pit wheels or pit scewers.  I didn’t even have time to break a sweat flushing the $20 entry fee down the toilet. It’s a nice toilet though, this park had the nicest city park bathrooms I have ever had the need to visit.  

The 4’s was a monster, 60 riders, teams from all over the midwest.  So much for the idea of padding our ego by beating a bunch of newbies on their first race.  One of our friends finished 18th (mens cat 4), it was his first race ever, and was riding a bike that is less than a few weeks old.  We’ve quit talking to him now, how dare he show us up like that.

The Mens Masters B 35+ (a new category for this series) was my saving grace.  I’d probably jump off a bridge if I couldn’t have a chance to redeem myself and race again.  It was a much smaller group but they included the women’s 4 and juniors at the back. 

Things went well enough until about the third lap when my tank went dry.  Not even enough saliva to spit, dust would more likely to come out, cotton mouth is a bitch.  I was doing well enough, and was poised for a top 10 finish only to have my chain fall off after clearing the last barrier only a hundred yards from the finish.  For some reason I decided to carry the bike instead of putting the chain back on, I’m now kicking myself I could have put it back on and ridden the rest and kept those guys me where they should be. You know, behind me.  

It was the hardest things I’ve done with a bike, I was already spent and it took every ounce of energy to run those last few yards only to see the people I had been passing to catch me running to the line. Twelfth place is alright, my best finish ever, but if the chain would have stayed on I’d be in the top ten easy.  

Oh well, the next race is in two weeks, that should give me time to work on a few things.  See you in Topeka and Lawrence the weekend of Oct 11th and 12th.

Ride it like you stole it!


Pre-riding the Diamond Blackfan CX

Ok then, I’m off to go pre-ride the Diamond Blackfan Cyclocross Challenge course with Chasm. It’s the first cyclocross race this season in Kansas City and the first race in the De Stad Cyclocross Van Kansas Series the Midwest’s premier cyclocross race series.  It looks to be fast and fun, not to be missed.

The race itself is Sunday, September 28 at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park in Lenexa. Make sure you come out and support your favorite Black Sheep Cartel cyclists.  Don’t forget to bring your cowbells and the beer.  I always like a Coke with ice after a race so if you could do that too it would make me very happy.


Video from the boys at CowTown Cycling.