Weekend Preview – Cups Galore

I like to keep our lone confirmed reader, hi Craig, tell your friends about us, informed of what’s coming up each weekend with course maps and other such interesting tidbits of information concerning any local cyclocross action in the Kansas City, MO and Charlotte, NC areas.  It’s now Friday morning and I’ve yet to find anything but simple details posted about either of the two Series 60 races this weekend, the Capitol Cup in Topeka at Hummer Sports Park and their “Mound of Mercy” whatever that is, Saturday and the Boulevard Cup here in Kansas City Sunday.  

In leu of hard facts I’m forced to speculate about them and perpertrate rumor and innuendo about both.  In a side note, I’m glad I slept late and didn’t take my morning ride, because the sky just opened up and started raining hard, I think that might be thunder too.  Anyway, all that I know about either race is that the Boulevard Cup which is held at Wyandotte County Park will not be using the course for last years KCCX National Championship race. Luckily for everyone involved they will not be using the weather from last years race either, sure it may be a bit wet from the rain we are getting today, but the freezing temperatures and ice and snow will not show their ugly heads this weekend.  Beer however will be avaiable thanks to the race sponsor Kansas Cities own Boulevard Brewing Company.  

Don’t freak out if you see a knights in armor riding horses, you haven’t found a hole in the space / time continuum, the KC Renaissance Festival is literally across the street from the race.  One of those giant turkey legs might taste pretty good after your race with a nice Boulevard brew.

Black Sheep teammates in Charlotte begin their cyclocross season and the North Carolina Cyclocross Series this weekend with NCCX race #1, chick n’ Cross at Comp Park BMX Track in Garner, NC, outside of Raleigh. Good luck guys, hope everything goes well for you!

And now, videos of cyclocross crashes and dogs riding skateboards.