Wow, Money Does Grow On Trees! Day 2 At The Smithville CX Fest.

Day two of the Smithville Cyclocross Festival was much different than day one.  The Cross Guru altered several sections of the course giving it a much different feel, not as many straight-aways, adding areas that were not used on Saturday, and altered the approach to the steep ass run up which preventing everyone who dared to ride it, a few could, most didn’t. Cameron Chambers attempted to ride it today and destroyed his beautiful Podium cyclocross machine.  The biggest difference was the weather, temps were about the same, mid 50’s but today a front moved through bringing wind gusts clocked at 45 – 50 mph whipping off the lake according to AMS accredited local weatherman Brian Busby.

video from Schmidtbox

Mens 4 was smaller than day 1, but still drawing the biggest field.  It’s always great to see new people coming out to try out cyclocross for themselves.  Most seem to enjoy the experience once they finish, as is the case most spend a good deal of time during the race wondering why the hell they thought cyclocross would be fun.  I’m still thinking the same thing myself, but damn it’s a good time!

Unfortunatly Black Sheep wouldn’t break into the top 10 again today.  Someone wisely rode my wheel letting me pull them up the last twisty climb into the wind. Once they crested the hill and got out of the wind they shot by and I wasn’t able to catch them again.  I can live with an eleventh place finish. Did I mention it was super windy?  


The magic money tree.

The magic money tree.

I’m not a botanist or arborist but a freak of nature seems to be growing near Sailboat Cove. This particular specimen seems to be growing currency, one dollar bills to be exact.  They are a fast growing species too, regenerating dollars about once an hour just in time for each race. Hmmmm, very odd.  

I was able to collect several of these dollars in hopes of growing my own money tree once I got home.  This could be very fortunate given our current economic situation.  Apearently your parents are wrong, money in fact does grow on trees. I came home $6 richer.



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